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The Mission of the

Religious School of Temple Kol Ami

is to inspire in students and families a commitment to avodah (prayer and spiritual growth), to Torah, and to gemilut hasadim (the repair of the world through goodness) through the learning of Jewish texts, life cycles, rituals and history.

The goal of this school is to provide all all of this within a safe and loving enviroment and help

foster a sense of Jewish identity and modern community within our students and families.




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The Identity Initiative –

Judaism is an organic entity – a religion that has grown and evolved, while maintaining its core values, traditions, and identity. By acknowledging this evolution, and understanding the challenges facing southern Jewish students – location, resource limitations, scheduling, and support, we meet this need in the 2014-2015 school year, by focusing on 4 key areas of growth for the Identity of our Jewish students:


  • The Religious School of Temple Kol Ami will create a new environment for the fast-paced, busy Jewish family, through family education and restructured Religious School classes.


  • Temple Kol Ami and its Religious School will focus, not only on, the success of our B’nei Mitzvah students, but on the process of creating knowledgeable, giving and supportive Jewish adults as well, through the use of a set of guidelines for Bar/Bat Mitzvah students and continuing education for students and families afterward.


  • School pride and pride in the Jewish self will go hand-in-hand at Temple Kol Ami. Students will be encouraged to show Jewish identity at school, and beyond its borders. Students will be encouraged to wear Temple Kol Ami t-shirts, kippot, and other Judaica that represent their Jewish identity. The school will also aim to display and celebrate student work, continue and grow Kehillah programming, and students and teachers will begin addressing each other using Hebrew names and greetings.


  • Community engagement will grow during this initiative with the addition and flexibility of ritual and community events, and students and families will actively attend and participate through the use of incentives and involvement.


This is a curriculum that will grow your child’s Jewish identity and equip them to live rich and meaningful Jewish lives.


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     Contact Us:

Michelle Silva, Religious School Director

mail: 2879 Hwy 160 West #4677 Fort Mill, SC 29708

 email: tka.religiousschool@gmail.com

 phone: 803.417.7565

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